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We work with audiences, individuals, and teams to build resilience against burnout and fatigue. These solutions lead leaders to prevent or recover from the effects of leadership fatigue, most people look to improve external processes, but that's not the best way.


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The Epic Way

Here at EPIC, we live and breathe to change the world by walking with leaders and providing game changing strategic leadership solutions. The world of leadership is ever changing and continually demanding. With the right insight and the right game plan, leaders can thrive and continue to drive results as well as enjoy a meaningful life.


Equip Your Audience

Jerome speaks with authenticity and authority about business professional life and leadership. With a laser focused message stemming from his own story on the effects of fatigue and burnout, he shares key insights to overcome and prevent the global pandemic affecting leaders today.


Explore Outside the Office

There is nothing that can help you refocus your life like getting away from the noise and distractions of work-centric responsibilities. Outdoor adventure provides the experience for you or your team to recalibrate and realign your life and leadership so that you can make the greatest impact. Click the button below to contact us and learn more.



Find Your Leadership Confidant 

Regardless of where individuals are on their success journey, the key to the next level is finding someone who can walk with them to achieve the results they want in life and leadership. The executive life is lonely and with a trusted advisor and confidant you can take your life and leadership to the next level. Contact us to develop your custom coaching solution.


Grow Your Team to Grow Your Business

To grow a business and see greater results requires you to grow as a leader and grow the people who take the journey with you. Our customized and proven development solutions deliver the results that last. Leadership and culture development are the key solutions to move your business or team forward. Click the button below to transform your team.



Know Yourself, Team, and Potential Employees with Accuracy

We are changing the game in human performance management with the insight provided by the enterprise system of Professional DynaMetric Programs (PDP). PDP is the premiere Performance Management System delivering precision insight with 96% accuracy.


“Jerome brought energy and focus to our organization and helped us successfully lead through a challenging season. We are now winners of the national Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award and Jerome helped us make that happen!”

Lee Butler

Director of Performance Excellence, Don Chalmers Ford

“Jerome is the best leadership speaker I have ever experienced. He speaks to the heart of executive leaders and his experience provides the insight to fuel our success!”

Patty Farmer

CEO/President of BizLink Marketing & Media Group

“Jerome inspired our members to fully engage in our event and provided real solutions that helped them activate greater success. We look forward to Jerome coming back and speaking again.”

Debbie Moore

President, Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce

“Jerome has an ability to inspire not only excitement and inspiration but action. Through captivating storytelling and personal transparency, the author weaves a narrative that feels impossible not to act upon. 100% must read book!”

Grayson Houston

Chief Executive & Owner, Know Yourself Grow Yourself

UNLEASHED by Jerome Wade

No one is immune from the real life struggle that comes when pursuing success. Every single one of us must battle the seemingly invisible force–field that works against our best intentions and biggest dreams. If you’re ready to dominate your limitations and break through your barriers to achieve greater success and live an extraordinary life, UNLEASHED will help you achieve it.

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Dominate Your Limitations
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