So, your employees are losing steam and they’re not producing the way they used to, what do you do?

You could organize a team building activity, take them out to a nice lunch because maybe that’ll get them jump started or you could let them go. It’s your choice, you’re the boss.

However, let’s take a second to think, maybe it’s not your employees that are the issue, maybe it’s the core of your company. Before you even continue reading this, take a breath and try to be open to rethinking this entire issue because it’s worth it.

The Burnout Generation

In the world of corporate business, the end goal for many is that corner office and six-figure salary but your current workforce will not be following the same footsteps to get that. The people that you’re hiring right now are from the millennial generation, the same generation that prefers working late so they can make their standing brunch reservations with bottomless mimosas. These are your burnouts but if you want to change that and keep these capable employees, think about reevaluating your business model.  

Now you might not believe this but Forbes said it first: 95% of businesses are being affected by their employees burning out so yes, this is kind of a big deal. However, we need to address the reasons why this is happening. First and foremost, employees feel underpaid and at the end of the day that’s always going to be an issue but if this is one of the biggest factors, how can you fix it without going bankrupt?

Affirmation. Retention. Quality Control.

Step 1: Affirmation

You’re probably thinking to yourself, you treat the office once in awhile to lunch, maybe a coffee cart or even the occasional bonus, however, that’s not what you need to be doing. While all those gestures are nice and appreciated, all those things make your employees reaffirm your position as their boss. Think about it, they’re thanking you for giving them something, that doesn’t add up for them at the end of the day.

Take time to meet with your employees, tell them that you genuinely appreciate their work and the additions that they are making. A general thank you card doesn’t cut it anymore, you need to seek out the talent that you hired and show that you care about their work, even if it’s the smallest thing like refilling the coffee pot in the communal kitchen; people need to feel appreciated.

Step 2: Retention

Every business wants to retain their employees, they’re the ones ensuring that you have a business in the first place but at times it may feel impossible. As a business owner, you have so many other things going on that it may seem easy to just hire new people if others are leaving, but what if you were able to keep the good ones? This all circles back to the first step towards fixing your burnout rate, consistent affirmation is a huge key concerning retention rates. That’s not all though if you truly want to keep your workforce, you need to listen to them too.

That’s the flip side of retention that no one talks about, the communication side because it takes time, however, it’s totally worth it. If you took the time to ask your employees the question: “If this was your business, how would you run it?” it could change things for the better in a huge way. Again, you’re reaffirming to them that their opinion matters but it also helps you understand what you can do to keep them there. It’s simple but effective.

Step 3: Quality Control

Finally, no one wants to buy a shabby product so why are your employee shabby people? You want to have a quality product in the hands of quality employees. Now sometimes you’re not going to know if someone is the quality you’re looking for but if you follow the first two steps, and sign up to have a 15-minute phone call with me to devise an action plan that works for you and your company check this service out:

Taking the time to ensure that your product is the best it can be is just as important as doing that with your staff. Again, this does take time but it’s necessary. You don’t want people to quit because they’re constantly questioning their self-worth while being surrounded by not-so-quality colleagues? You should be creating an environment that challenges people to do better and one way to do that is put quality people next to other quality people. Simple, right? It’ll make your job easier and their job more enjoyable, I promise.

Need the solution? We have it right here.

Burning out does not have to be a factor for you and your business but you must work at it. It’s all about taking the time to ensure that your employees feel supported, energized and challenged. If you are a business owner that wants to grow and excel in the future, fix this now because all those kids you said were the future 10-years-ago, well they are present now, your business’ present; don’t let your company burnout.

Again, if you are interested in ensuring that your team will not be affected by the burnout epidemic in companies, sign up to work directly with me at: I want you to succeed as much as you do, let us help you.

Have an EPIC day,