Leadership Fatigue Happens

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From Fatigue to Thriving –

Meet Jerome

At the top of his game but the end of his rope, Jerome found himself in the wilderness of the Appalachian Mountains trying to find his way back to center. Between distancing himself from his family, trying to resolve personal struggle, and losing friendships, he was facing exactly what countless leaders in our world face – burnout.

Now, Jerome serves as the CEO of The Epic Advantage, author, and international speaker with 25-years of C-Suite Experience. With audiences, he authentically unpacks his story and provides practical solutions to show leaders that they can get what they want without putting at risk what they love.

“Jerome inspired our members to fully engage in our event and provided real solutions that helped them activate greater success. We look forward to Jerome coming back and speaking again!”

Debbie Moore

President, Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce


Overcoming Leadership Fatigue

Best Audience: Executives, Associations, Leadership Conferences

Life for leaders is filled with endless deadlines, unreasonable demands, and all consuming dilemmas. For many, the pursuit of success and their drive to achieve, leads them to perform at an unsustainable pace putting at risk the very things they love. Left unchecked, drive and ambition can cause leaders to find themselves leading on empty, suffering from the consequences of fatigue.

At the top of his game but the end of his rope, Jerome Wade journeyed to the wilderness of the Appalachian Mountains in an effort to rediscover his passion and purpose. Between distancing himself from his family, trying to resolve personal struggle, and losing friendships, he was facing exactly what countless individuals in the events industry face – leadership fatigue and burnout.

It doesn’t have to be that way, leaders can stay at the top of their game while beating burn out and conquering fatigue. Overcoming Leadership Fatigue is a proven process that provides the guidance leaders need to live passionately and lead powerfully.

Key Audience Takeaways

#1 Identify the hidden causes of leadership fatigue

When trying to prevent or recover from the effects of leadership fatigue most people look to improve external processes and discover new ways to enhance professional performance. The hidden reality overlooked by most is that leadership fatigue is rarely the result of external leadership practices. The hidden causes of leadership fatigue can only be discovered by courageously taking an internal audit of The Leader Within. When The Leader Within is given the attention required to lead effectively the effects of leadership fatigue are minimized and often eliminated.

#2 Create a self–leadership matrix that fuels focus, alignment, and long term results.

With the right set of principles coupled with discipline, leadership fatigue can be conquered. The core of the strength of a leader lies in their ability to focus on life and mission-critical priorities. When what matters most is not clearly defined it cannot be courageously guarded. With a simple priority process, leaders can lead their personal life and their professional life with great intentionality. The priorities set become the tools of alignment to assist in making decisions based on what matters most and not on what is most urgent or even opportunistic. Priorities empower a leader to lead for the long haul and make every decision count in life and business.

#3 Refuel personal and professional passion, and reenergize vision

Passion is the lifeblood of living a meaningful and significant life. Fatigue is a thief that robs leaders of joy, happiness, and meaningful work. When a leader discovers and implements the principles of Overcoming Leadership Fatigue they set in motion a refueling process that keeps them from leading on empty and provides continued boosts of energy to drive their dreams. The key to personal and professional passion and reenergized vision is found in balancing time, driven by priorities to create a life giving rhythm that keeps the tanks full.

“Working with Jerome is giving us the advantage to strengthen our high performing team and ensure we effectively get work done! Jerome knows how to engage his audience and drive results!”

Tania Armenta

Chief Executive Officer, Visit Albquerque


UNLEASHED: How the best leaders crush it and get results.

Best Audience: Executives, Associations, Leadership Conferences

You’ve got what it takes to be a top performer, but something is keeping you from achieving it. You keep beating your head against limitations and barriers that won’t leave you alone. No one is immune from the real life struggle that comes when pursuing success. Every leader must battle the seeminly invisible force-field that works agiainst our best intentions and biggest dreams.

If you’re ready to dominate your limitations and break through your barriers to achieve greater success and lead with extraordinary results, UNLEASHED will help you achieve it. Bigger success, better opportunities, and a brighter future can be yours ifyou apply the insight and inspiration recealed in this presentation

Key Audience Takeaways:

#1 Identify and dominate your barriers to achieve ultimate success
#2 Leverage the strategies of the best leaders to grow your influence
#3 Align your core strength with opportunity to get greater results

What You Can Expect When Working With Jerome

  • Your audience will fully engage and have real solutions to take home
  • Content rich with key practices and insights that will activate greater success
  • A presentation that will drive results both for your event and your audience
  • Proven solutions that fuel personal and professional achievement
  • A speaker that your audience will want to hear and experience again

Jerome speaks at global conferences, business workshops, corporate events, and associations. Jerome energizes and inspires audiences to pursue epic results, greater success, and an extraordinary life.