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About Jerome

Jerome Wade is an author, international speaker, entrepreneur, and adventure athlete. With a 25-year track record of successfully launching and leading four enterprises, Jerome is an expert in peak performance, laser focused on personal achievement, leadership performance, and organizational success.

As an endurance athlete and global adventurer, Jerome masterfully shares insights from his journey to success sharing stories of struggle and triumph, giving audiences real life solutions to achieve their dreams.


What You Can Expect When Working With Jerome

  • Your audience will fully engage and have real solutions to take home
  • Content rich with key practices and insights that will activate greater success
  • A presentation that will drive results both for your event and your audience
  • Proven solutions that fuel personal and professional achievement
  • A speaker that your audience will want to hear and experience again

Jerome speaks at global conferences, business workshops, corporate events, and associations. Jerome energizes and inspires audiences to pursue epic results, greater success, and an extraordinary life.

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“Jerome inspired our members to fully engage in our event and provided real solutions that helped them activate greater success. We look forward to Jerome coming back and speaking again!”

Debbie Moore

President, Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce

Professional Speaking Programs


UNLEASHED: How to Activate Leadership Performance


You’ve got what it takes to be a top performer, personally and professionally, but something is keeping you from achieving it. You keep battling an invisible force-field, beating your head against limitations and barriers, and you don;t how to break through. In this presentation you will learn:

  • The Precision Performance Formula and how to fully leverage it
  • Activate super power performance and achievement
  • Create precision solutions that bring immediate and lasting results



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“Working with Jerome is giving us the advantage to strengthen our high performing team and ensure we effectively get work done! Jerome knows how to engage his audience and drive results!”

Tania Armenta

Chief Executive Officer, Visit Albquerque

ACTIVATE: Your Heroic Leadership

Many leaders never reach their full potential simply because they do not know nor understand their leadership encoding. It’s time to ACTIVATE greater impact and success by discovering your precision performance profile. You can achieve epic results when you fully leverage your unique superpower. In this presentation you will learn:


  • Your precise performance profile and how to fully leverage it
  • How to identify and avoid your personal and professional kryptonite
  • How to activate your leadership and communication strengths for maximum impact



Epic Workshops & Seminars

THE COMMUNICATION ADVANTAGE: Maximizing the Power of Human Interaction

Effective communication is complicated. Trying to understand each other can be daunting. Unnecessary conflict happens way too easily and often lasts entirely too long. Meaningful and effective communication can be learned and developed. The ultimate goal is to move beyond the surface exchange of words and ideas to meaningful, productive, high-value human interaction. In this presentation you will learn how to:

  • Understand the four unique communication styles
  • Leverage your personal communication style to create high-value interactions and minimize misunderstanding and conflict.
  • Implement a simple communication process to set up every conversation for success

***This presentation is based on PDP® Professional DynaMetric Programs with each participant taking a 5-minute ProScan survey and receiving their personal 21-page precision performance report.

THE EPIC ADVANTAGE: Select, Develop, & Retain Top Performers

Selecting, developing, and retaining epic talent is the advantage you need to propel your organization to greater productivity, performance, and profit. The cost of turnover, perpetual conflict, and low levels of engagement create the most severe pain points for business professionals. Smart leaders learn the “art and science” of choosing and keeping top talent. In this presentation you will learn how to:

  • Simplify your selection process & eliminate the guesswork
  • Activate performance, productivity, & increase profit
  • Empower happy, highly engaged employees & increase retention


***This presentation is based on PDP® Professional DynaMetric Programs with each participant completing a 5-minute ProScan survey and receiving their personal 21-page precision performance report.