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Know how to make your team most effective with accurate reporting.


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Know your communication style, decision making, leadership, motivators and energy sources.


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Make sure your next hire is the right fit for your team.

“With PDP integrated management system at our fingertips, we are able to hire the right people with confidence & lead the unique diversity of our team in ways that unleash their strengths & abilities.”

Paul Romero

Chief Technical Officer, Albuquerque Public Schools

How Our Clients Use PDP






Team Building



The Three Precision Assessment Tools of PDP


Identifies strengths, energy levels, energy drains, motivators, stressors, satisfaction index, communication styles, management styles, logic, back up style and more. 


Measures and defines a team’s culture. Strengthens team member understanding, appreciation and respect and so much more.


Creates Job Models by measuring success criteria required for a position. Matches applicants to Job Model. Generates behavioral Interviewing Guides based on applicants match to model.

The only way to truly understand the power of PDP is to experience it yourself.  Request a free DEMO today and see for yourself why PDP is the premier performance assessment in the world.  Give us a chance to blow your mind!

PDP Professional Certification and Training

In addition to the powerful reporting options, PDP also trains you and your people to have the tools in-house to lead effectively and with confidence. Here are the two certification levels:

PDP Administrator Certification | Empowers individuals with the knowledge, skills, and user license to implement PDP systems and applications.

PDP Mentor Certification | Empower key team members to coach and mentor with a simple and clear process for personal development and action planning.

The best way to understand the power of PDP is to experience it yourself.  To request a demo and free assessment, click below: